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Your Science-Backed Guide To
Weight Loss Pills
Diet/Weight loss pills have been one of the most common and highly marketed products in the fitness and health industry. As many companies claim to have a magic pill that can cure all fat... Unfortunately, it's not true, but here's what is!

The main active ingredient in most weight loss and diet pills is caffeine. Because it is one of the only proven supplements in the weight-loss market (there will be a whole chapter on caffeine for you!) and is the best weight loss compound out there backed by 100s of human studies. 

Whereas most compounds that are found in fad diet pills are marketing BS. Either they have minimal amounts of brand-backed studies (meaning the brand paid for the results) or have only been tested on rats/other animals. 

And I don't know about you, but the only rat I am is a gym rat and won't be putting something in my body that isn't lab tested and scientifically proven to help me shed body fat!

The Perfect Blend For Your
Post Workout
Exercise is an important component of any weight management program. Help repair your muscles after exercise with a high quality, complete protein.
During exercise, muscle tissue is broken down. It’s built back stronger with rest and amino acids from protein. Whey and casein are complete proteins, meaning they contain all of the essential amino acids for muscle recovery.
Your body requires comparatively more of the macronutrients protein, carbohydrates and fats compared to micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. That doesn’t make micronutrients any less important.
Proven Weight Loss Ingredients?!
Yes! And here's the short list of supplements you need in your diet or weight loss pills that are backed by scientific research.
Caffeine - Covered In It's Own Chapter!
  •  Benefits: Explained in detail in it's own chapter but especially helps increase stamina and energy. Inturn, boosting your metabolism.
  •  Dosage For Max Fat Loss - You want between 100-300 mgs per serving depending on tolerance
Green Tea Extract - Covered In It's Own Chapter!
  • Benefits:  We’ll go into Green Tea more in its own section, and it's benefits but its main antioxidant EGCG is proven to aid in fat burning.  
  • Target Belly Fat: Specifically, it can targets stubborn kind of body fat (which most of us hold in our belly and thigh area)
  •  Dosage For Max Fat Loss: Take 400-600 mgs of EGCG daily - 1-2 Green Tea pills or 4-5 cups of green tea daily
And That's It!! 😱
*There are a few supplements below that can aid as well but need further studies or more widespread application in current weight loss pills to be useful.
The others that might help!
 Capsaicin - Red Pepper
  •  Spicy: This is the molecule that makes chili peppers spicy so you may see this as red pepper on some labels
  •  Speeds Up Metabolism: Like caffeine, capsaicin speeds up metabolism and causes your body to burn more calories and fat ~ 50 more calories per day if taken at six mgs a day.
  •  Appetite Suppressant: Glucomannan is a fiber that absorbs water and sits in your stomach giving you the illusion of fullness helping you eat fewer calories.
  •  Before Meals: Best to take before meals especially large ones. May increase bloating though.
CLA - Conjugate Linoleic Acid
  •  Healthy Fat: CLA is a healthier fatty acid that has been claimed to boost metabolism and stimulate the breakdown of body fat
  •  Breakdown of Body Fat: Through some studies adding CLA added fat loss did show results but has been minimal (extra .2 lbs. per week)
  •  Warning: If taking CLA, best to take only in small doses and for no longer than 6-months at a time.
Synephrine or Ephedrine
  •  Disclaimer: I cannot condone the use of either of these but am just bringing out the facts of what works or doesn't
  •  Stimulants Like Caffeine: Both are potent stimulants (stronger than caffeine) that have been staples in weight loss pills, but since the FDA ban of ephedrine, Synephrine is the only one of which that is available on shelves.
  •  Boost Metabolism: Like caffeine these supplements can increase energy, stamina, and ultimately boost your heart rate and metabolism. Burning more calories and fat. 
  •  Direct Fat Loss: Studies have shown these to cause significant short-term weight loss.
  •  Recommendations: If taking either, best to keep it in small doses and no more than four weeks at a time to prevent long-term effects on the heart.
You Might Be Asking... That's Great But I Don't Know a Supplement With All these?!?
What Weight Loss Pills Should I Buy?
Overall, I would say to stay away from diet/weight loss pills as it’s best to just take caffeine by itself (coffee or with a pre-workout - it's own chapter), green tea (it's own chapter), and add red pepper and spice to your foods as all of these will have the same, if not better effect. 

But if you feel you need a pill or something to boost your performance here are the two best. 

* I'm not associate with either company by any means. Solely here to bring you the best and show the facts.
#1 Choice - EVL TRANS4ORM
  •   Overview: EVL Transform is considered a thermogenic fat loss supplement and contains a lot of the ingredients above at effective doses. 
  •  175 mgs of caffeine
  •  500 mgs of Green Tea Extract
  •  5mgs of BioPerine (an extract with capsaicin in it)
  •  Downside: The big downside is the added ingredients and fillers. None have adverse side effects, just know that they aren't adding any fat loss or performance benefits. 
#2 Choice - Applied Nutrition
  •   Overview: This is mainly a caffeinated Green Tea supplement which would be perfect if they left it at that! Per serving a bit cheaper product than EVL.
  •  160 mgs of caffeine
  •  400 mgs of Green Tea Extract
  •  Unknown amount of Cayenne Pepper (but there is some)
  •  Downside: Yet again, downside is the added ingredients and fillers. None have adverse side effects, just know that they aren't adding any fat loss or performance benefits. 
Waste of Money Alert!! 🚨💸
None of these ingredients have shown long-term harmful effects, but for your wallet concerns, these are the biggest players in the weight-loss industry that are pure marketing BS for 1 of 2 reasons: not enough evidence/research done or proven to be ineffective for weight loss.
Not Enough Evidence/Results
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  •  Yohimbine
  •  Orlistat
  •  Green Coffee Bean Extract
  •  Meratrim
These are ingredients that could possibly have an effect on weight loss but there's not enough evidence or strong enough results to say definitively.
Marketing BS Alert!
  • Hydroxycut
  •  Raspberry Ketones
  •  Forskolin (not to be mistaken for foreskin lol)
  •  L-carnitine

These are ingredients have substantial evidence or no tests done at all at the show they aid in weight loss. Avoid to save money at all costs!
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